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24 March 2015

Reduce stress and improve efficiency with event checklists

Creating a comprehensive workplan and using checklists to manage your event can make all the difference to how well organised, and enjoyable the event will be!

Organising and Managing an event whether large or small can be a daunting experience, especially if this is not your main profession. There are numerous tasks to complete from beginning to end to ensure that the event is informative, educational, well organised and above all enjoyable for all attendees and your job is to make sure that these tasks are completed on time, efficiently and effortlessly.

Obviously you will not be able to complete everything on your own and will have to delegate tasks to others to complete, also on time, efficiently and effortlessly, making it all the more difficult for you to keep track of what is happening, when and how.

If you want your event to come off without a hitch, my advice would be to start making checklists for everything from day one and use them to the very last days. Create a workplan for the event, listing all tasks, who will be responsible for completing those tasks and giving clear deadlines for each task. Make sure that you assign each task well ahead of time to give enough time to each collaborator to accomplish their goals. Don't forget also to review your workplan regularly with your team to ensure that goals have been reached and adjust any aspect of the plan that need amending.

Now you can do that online, on paper, or using an event planner. The Samui web based Event Management System can include a checklist tool that enables you to create checklists, create tasks and sub-tasks within those checklists, assign tasks to different collaborators (who will be informed by email), set a deadline for each to be completed and tick tasks when they are completed. You can also export your checklists for reporting purposes to ensure that the entire team is kept informed of progress against the workplan.

If you would like to find out more and how Samui may be able to help you organise and manage your event, however large or small, please contact Estelle Morris on +44 (0)1295 278216 or or visit our website on

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