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26 May 2015

Stay on time!

How to ensure that your event runs on time

There is nothing more irritating for participants, speakers and organisers than an event that runs late! So how do you ensure that your event is packed with all that you want to achieve but still runs on time?

1.  Less is more:
The tendency when organising a meeting is to cram as much as possible into every minute available. When planning your programme though, it is important to look at what can be achieved each day that you have booked and think carefully as to whether or not, it may be to your benefit to plan an extra day or another follow up meeting, to cover all the issues that you wish to tackle during your event.

2. Plan some breathing space:
Make sure that you give participants enough time to move from one session to another. They will thank you for the stress free experience and for the chance of some extra networking opportunities. Plan some breathing space into your programme, it will also give you the luxury to let your VIP keynote speakers overrun a little, or let those question / answer sessions continue for a while longer when they turn out to have generated more interest than expected.

3. Be ruthless when required:
You will need to select a good moderator for each session who is not worried of being ruthless with those speakers too eager to go over their allocated time. Ensure that all speakers are briefed on their time slot before the event and remind them of what is expected of them just before their time to speak. Being strict with most of your speakers will give you the luxury to be a little more flexible when they are more difficult to interrupt (VIPs for example) or when the discussion is simply too good to stop!

Samui can help you manage your event and ensure that it runs efficiently and is enjoyable for all. To find out more about how we can help you achieve this, contact Estelle on or on 01295 278216, or visit our website on:
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