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09 June 2015

Adding value for your delegates and sponsors

Maximise the experience of all your attendees with some simple online and mobile tools

What will make your event more attractive to potential attendees and sponsors, in addition to an interesting programme, is a guarantee of a smooth experience and the prospect for maximum learning, networking and business opportunities.

The Samui online event management platform offers you the opportunity to maximise your attendees' experience by providing them with:

  • Opportunities for connecting and networking with other registered attendees before, during and after the event directly from the web platform and its associated mobile app
  • Quick registration through mobile and tablet scanning
  • Real time tracking of events and speakers during the event
  • Opportunities for sponsors to connect with potential clients ahead of the event
  • Online discussion forums before, during and after the event

The Samui online and mobile platform has been designed with attendees in mind, whether delegates, sponsors or exhibitors, to create added value and take full advantage of their visit to your event.

To find out more, visit our website on or please contact Estelle on or on 01295 278 216.
Adding value for your delegates and sponsors image.

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