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24 June 2015

How to ensure that your event attendees feel valued

One of the most important factors to ensuring the success of an event is to make sure that your attendees feel welcome, appreciated and valued.

To achieve this is a long process and requires more than simply welcoming them with a smile when they register and collect their delegate's badge on the first day of the event, it’s a journey that should start when you first start promoting the event. Here are a few tips to help you in this journey:

  1. Make sure that your event has the wow factor
    Make sure that your event impacts on potential attendees from day one in a way that it remains memorable and exciting. Give them enough information to get their attention but always leave a little out to instigate anticipation and excitement.
  2. Give them an idea of what to expect
    Like a trailer to your event, let your attendees have a sneak peek into what they can expect: tell them about keynote speakers, the programme, create a short video, anything to get the excitement about the upcoming event going. (Don’t forget to use your hashtags as you do so, to build your followers up on social media)
  3. Be attentive to details
    Think about every detail that could make your attendees' visit that little bit easier and more enjoyable, like for example: free WiFi, coat and luggage check, a welcome ceremony to ease them into the event and provide them with am opportunity to network and meet their fellow attendees…etc.
  4. Be prompt in your responses
    if your attendees ask you a question, whether by email, through social media or at the reception desk, make sure that you answer their question promptly. Make sure that you know all there is to know or know exactly who to ask, so that you can get the answer to your attendees quickly. 
  5. Be consistent throughout
    Make sure that you treat your attendees the same way from beginning to end and even after the event. Make them feel as valued when they enter the conference hall as when they leave it and make sure that all hosts and event staff are fully briefed on how they should greet and say goodbye to guests.
  6. Ask and listen to feedback
    Be sure to give attendees the opportunity to feedback on the event and listen to their comments and criticisms especially if your event is to be repeated! It is important to review feedback and implement all important changes before the next event. Remember that you want today' attendees to come back and enjoy the next installment even more than they enjoyed the first one.

In all your planning, put yourself in your attendees’ shoes and plan for how you would want to be treated and communicated with throughout the planning process and what would make the experience more enjoyable if you were to attend the event.

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