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16 May 2014

Samui organising the ENSOCIO-LAC Event in Cancún, Mexico

Samui is organising the ENSOCIO-LAC Event in Cancún, Mexico from 30th June to 1st July 2014

The 2-day event in Cancún, Mexico aims at promoting European and Latin American collaboration and joint research initiatives across selected areas within the field of Climate Action, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials.  

The specific objectives of this event are to bring together a mixture of different stakeholders from across different countries and professions with the common goals of:
  • Promoting networking and clustering of projects; supporting uptake of recent and ongoing research; establishing links and consortiums for future collaboration

  • Identifying research gaps and priorities for future programmes, including feeding into the 2nd call of ERANET-LAC (supporting the EU-CELAC JIRI) and the Horizon 2020 programme;

  • Providing guidance on the rules and finance for LAC organisations participation on European Research under Horizon 2020; reviewing alternative funding options for EU-LAC collaboration

  • Supporting and complementing EU-CELAC policy priorities in relation to collaborative research under the SOM Biodiversity working group
More information about the event can be found on
Samui organising the ENSOCIO-LAC Event in Cancún, Mexico image.

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